Advise for Families

Students who were not able to attend family night wrote essays answering the question, “How can families help their student succeed in middle school?”  They had great advice, so I thought that I’d share some here:


In order for any person to succeed in middle school they need BIG binders, Cornell Notes and they need to participate in tutorial.

– A.D.


. . . families can organize ‘practice binder checks’ for their students

– D.H.


They could also check up on student’s grades and binders.  Give them the feeling that it matters.”

– G.Z.


Another way [to help] is by . . . getting in our shoes and understanding how we feel.

 – B.C.


. . . [It’s] a good idea for them to take their video games, cell phone, ect. until they’re done with their homework. “

– Student who would probably prefer to remain anonymous

Did your student forget to do this assignment? The worksheet is attached below.



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