Sixth Graders Share Their Creativity


Students in my sixth grade classes had an opportunity to share their creativity in a brainstorming exercise.  After learning the rules of brainstorming, students came up with places that people might live.  Most people would limit their lists to the ordinary: apartments, houses, condos.  But in AVID our students came up with extremely appealing ideas like living in the bakery on Johnson Street, extremely unappealing ideas like living in a sewer and extremely odd ideas like living in a giant binder at the bottom of an ocean.

Then students wrote essays inviting friends to join them.  Here are some of the best:


Ever heard of living in a giant can?  Well, it’s awesome.

It smells sweet like soda such as Fanta, Sprite and Dr. Pepper.  It also smells metallic, as cans usually do.  

The sides are smooth, but fragile.  So it’s best to live in the city.

It’s good for storing “healthy” foods like peas, ham, corn or milk.  Come live with me in a can!

– Mykenzie


Hey Keyshonna,

Do you want to live with me in a fridge?  It smells like fruit.  You won’t feel angry or ashamed.  We could talk and eat strawberry cheesecake.  

There will be no silence.  You’d just hear us talking!

Just so you know, you’ll be cold.  

You will not feel regretful.  You could have any food or drink you want.  The cheesecake tastes delicious.  

– Aiyana

P.S. The strawberry cheesecake is homemade by my grandmother and if you come, bring a blanket.


Dear Gabe,

Come live with me in a dumpster.  It is a cool place to live because there’s food to eat.  We have a lock on the dumpster every other day, so there isn’t much trash in the dumpster.  We get old shoes to wear.  

You can use a trash bag as a pillow.  I do.  

If you don’t eat the food out of a trash bag you can eat squirrels, racoons, bugs, mice or rats. 

It smells bad.  And it looks bad.  

It feels nice.

– Matt


Come live with me in dead space.  You can hear footsteps, feel cold metal and see abandoned ships.  

I am infected.  My hands still have flesh on them.  

I am being watched.  My gun is constantly sizzling.  

Help me!!  I feel sick and another arm is sprouting.  Please help me.  

My gas tank is running low.  

I need HELP!!

– Tim

Is your student missing this assignment?  If so, the directions below may help.

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