Ra Fa Ra Fa


The pictures above are our recreation of a cultural simulation first created for the U.S. military.  The activity required students to learn the rules of one of two ficticious cultures, Alpha and Beta.  Then students had an opportunity to visit the other culture in an attempt to learn the rules.

The activity is part of our Study Abroad theme and I must say that it was a very effective way to recreate what happens when people have the opportunity to interact in a different culture.

Here’s what students said about visiting another culture . . . 

“I felt odd because it was so different from my culture.  They say different things than me, talk different and act different . . .”  – Cooper

“When I visited another culture, I felt lost.  I barely knew what people were doing.  The rules were really different from ours.  It’s like going to planet Mars . . .”  – Florentina

“It felt really weird to visit the other culture.  I really had no idea what to do and they kept making wierd sounds.  In my head I was just like, ‘What’s happening?’  So I just stood there until someone came up to me.”  – Julianna  

“To go to another culture was fun, but very confusing.  The other culture seemed very weird, but they probably felt the same way about us . . .”  – Mykenzie

Here’s what students said about the visitors who came to their culture . . .

“When visitors came to my country they looked so confused . . .  we couldn’t talk to them, so it was hard to communicate  . . .”  – Danielle

“It was really funny when they came into our country.  They didn’t know what to do.  They stood there in shock and didn’t move at all.  So I felt sorry for them.”  – Bruce

“They didn’t know anything . . . they were being disrespectful!”  – Alexis

“When people came to our culture they avoided us because they didn’t know how to play our game.”  – Ruby




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